The gallery of games at our Scores Casino is a mesmerizing one. From top online slot games to table games, we offer some of the best range of casino games for the ones who take the wise decision of joining us. However, if we are ever asked to select the star of the show, the first and the foremost choice of ours will be Roulette.

Roulette is a game that is known for stealing the limelight of casinos on the load and continues to do so even on the online casinos like ours. Scores Casino is now available for the people of New Jersey, which brings to the people of NJ the perfect chance to explore and get their hands on the popular Roulette game. This is the perfect opportunity to find out why is online Roulette famously called the most exciting casino game ever to have existed in a casino premises. So stop waiting and get into it!

The authenticity of online Roulette at Scores Casino

Unlike card games like online Blackjack and Baccarat, it is difficult to understand the functioning and authenticity of online Roulette. The card games can be played in simple ways, dealing the cards to the players randomly and giving them the option to choose from the moves they can make. But how do you understand that in a Roulette game the virtual wheel that is spinning is unaffected by external sources? For maintaining the randomness and unmanipulated result of the game, we use the Random Number Generator(RNG) technology. RNG is the world’s current most trusted random result creator, as certified by renowned game providers and regulatory bodies.

What happens on your screen is that you see the virtual Roulette wheel spinning, but the number on which the steel ball will land is decided by the RNG. Hence, at the end of the spin, the wheel stops rotating only when it is on the randomly decided number. This keeps the game authentic and free from any external interference.

Now that you know the game is authentic and trust-worthy, let us just straight away get into the part where you can find out how to use this opportunity.

Learn to play online Roulette

One of the strange factors of this game is that, although the game is called the most exciting game of a casino, it has the simplest gameplay of all the major games.

The basic elements of the game are a Roulette table where you can place your bets; a Roulette wheel that has the numbers inscribed on them and a Roulette ball that runs across the wheel and is the decider of your fate.

Before the game begins, you will be asked to place your bet on a number, a set of numbers or number defining themes. The types of bets you can place in a standard Roulette game are:

  • Inside bets - Bets that are placed on a number or set of numbers.
  • Outside bets - Here you can place a bet on the theme of the layout.
Note: If for some reason, you fail to place your bet within the time bracket, you will have to wait for the round to finish to try again. Which is why it is really important to have complete knowledge of the game before getting into a Roulette game.

Now as you have placed your bet in the time allotted, the game begins.

The wheel is about to reel!

The game begins with the Roulette wheel being spun on your screen and a Roulette ball is rolled opposite to the direction of the wheel. The RNG then decides a number without any external interference and you see the result when the wheel stops spinning and the ball stops on a particular number. If the ball stops on the number or chosen theme by you, congrats! You have won the round!

Variants of online Roulette at Scores Casino NJ

We all know that the live casino games feature excellent game variants, but online Roulette is no less. At Scores Casino, you get to choose from variants like French Roulette and European Roulette where a fraction of your bet is refunded if you land on the number ‘Zero’. Hence, you must try them out for yourself. Some of the variants that are a must-try at our casino are:

  • Classic European Roulette
  • New European Roulette
  • New American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Advanced Roulette

Get started with an awesome online Roulette experience at Scores Casino NJ today! Good luck there!