Not many people know of this stupendous dice game called Craps. Hence, not many people know what they are missing on by skipping this game, especially when it is available here at Scores Casino NJ.

Craps is rolling-the-dice, much like an elderly cousin of other dice games, which is known for its engaging gameplay that keeps all the players on the table involved with full intensity at once. The high vocabulary picked words that are used in the gaming terms are nothing but a deception. The game is as simple as a dice game can be. But if you have been kept deprived of knowing and trying the game till now, well, not anymore. Scores Casino NJ is here to guide the people of New Jersey about this amazing little game of dice, Craps online.

How to play Craps online

The game might not have as big of a name as Video Poker or Blackjack (quite literally) but the game is in no way any less intriguing as compared to other online casino games. Online Craps has very basic gameplay that we shall discuss here. You can, of course, check out the detailed explanation of how to play Craps on our website if you have any doubts.

A Craps online game starts with a come-out roll which decides how the game will go further. A come-out roll is the first roll of the dice after the end of the last round. The results you see in a come-out roll, decide the winner of the game. Usually, in a brick-and-mortar casino, the dices of the game are rolled by a shooter. At our casino, all you need to do is to hit the ‘Roll’ button if you are the shooter. And don’t worry about the quality and visuals of the game, you get to see the game in HD quality along with all other players on the table. When the dices are rolled, there are a number of possible outcomes as the number of dices used in the game is ‘2’. The possible outcomes and their effects are as follows:

Roll Outcome Effect
7 or 11 Natural The shooter wins and gets to roll the dice again
2, 3 or 12 Craps The shooter doesn’t win but gets to roll the dice again.
4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 Point The shooter can roll the dice again but will win only if he gets the same result the next time.

If the shooter is unable to get favorable outcomes, the role of the shooter is passed to the next player.

Now that you know the outcomes and effects of the rolling dice, you should prepare yourself for the other half of this journey, which is, placing bets.

Betting options in Craps online

Craps is one of the many casino games like Roulette where you would find a number of betting options to choose from. However, all types of crap bets have different payout ratios. Let us just get into it quick:

Type of bet Payout ratio Type of bet Payout ratio
Pass/Don’t Pass 1:1 Buy* 6:5, 3:2, 2:1
Come/Don’t Come 1:1 Hardways* 7:1, 9:1
Odd bets* Variable Big 6 and Big 8 1:1
Place win* 7:6, 7:5, 9:5 Field 2:1
Place lose* 4:5, 5:8, 5:11 Propositions* Variable
Lay* 5:6, 2:3, 1:2

*All the bets with star marks have multiple payout systems based on the outcome you get after rolling the dice.

Note: In both of the Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets, if the shooter gets a 12, it is called a Push. Here you neither lose nor win.

Did you know?

  1. The origins of Craps dates back to the time of the Crusades. It was brought to America by the French and British settlers.
  2. Although the number 7 is considered unlucky in a game of Craps, reports show that it is the most rolled outcome the game has ever seen.
  3. Craps is not the first name ever given to the game. The game was primarily named ‘Crapaud’ which means ‘toad’ in French. The game was called toad because the players who used to play this game in the ancient days, started squatting on the floor.
  4. Believe it or not! Craps is still the most popular dice game ever, surpassing the popularity of Ludo and Snake & Ladder.
  5. The longest ever recorded Craps roll took 4 hours to finish.

Take-home points

Below are a few important points to be taken into consideration before you decide to explore Craps online

  • Learn the craps odds thoroughly along with the basics of the game. Remember attempting to play the game without knowing the basics can be misleading.
  • Double-check the payouts.
  • Place a bet by ensuring that your bankroll supports the same and you will not be in loss even if you happen to lose the bet.
  • Play Craps online for free to get a clear understanding of the rules of the game and then start playing for real money without any hassles.

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