Live Blackjack

Blackjack, apart from being one of the most primitive card games, is also one of the most popular card games that are played by a large population. The global status of the game was never as much as it is now. The popularity further increased immensely after it turned into a game that could be played live. Earlier, this version of the game was available only in certain parts of the world like the UK and Malta. But with the view of the governments towards online casino gaming changing to be better, we are now able to bring Live Blackjack games to your city of New Jersey. Why is this is a big step you may ask? Let us help you answer the question here.

Salient features of Live Blackjack at Scores Casino

Live Blackjack is a game that has come into existence by taking all the best elements of its counterparts in the online as well as offline mediums. It is not that it just takes the all from them, rather it eliminates the negative aspects and only adopts the player-friendly ones. Here is what a game of Live Blackjack consists of.

  • Ease of option to choose

    At our live casino, you get all the options you can make in a Live Blackjack loud and clear, along with the descriptions of what the moves do to your hand of cards.
  • A live dealer to create the right environment for gaming

    The presence of a dealer to conduct a casino game is more important than we can think. It brings authenticity to the game and makes the game lively.
  • Live chat to clear your doubts

    The live chat feature enables you to interact with the dealer in real-time and get suggestions or help instantly.
  • High quality streaming to make the game feel real

    A Live Blackjack game is unlike any Blackjack online games you will find at an online NJ casino. The game is recorded by multiple cameras from different angles and in high-definition video quality. You always get a clear picture of the game.
  • Availability and accessibility throughout the day

    Just like our online Blackjack, Live Blackjack games can also be played at any time of the day.
  • Bonuses and promotions

    The moment you choose to play Live Blackjack at our casino, you automatically are subscribed to something that we are really proud of giving out, bonuses.

These are some of the amazing features you will find at our exclusive live casino. If you still want to know more about the bonuses, you can get on our casino site, click on the promotions page and get started instantly!

Incredible Live Blackjack games to get you started!

Talking of Live Blackjack game, we do not just offer a simple-classic Live Blackjack game. We also offer variants of this evergreen game that will keep the fire of interest in you burning for eternity. Although the main objective of the game still remains the same, which otherwise would take away the originality of the game, the rules and gameplay of the game might change from variant to variant. So, make sure you check the differences in the gameplay before playing a Live Blackjack variant at Scores Casino.

Play Live Blackjack on the move

If you thought you could play a Live Blackjack game only when you are in front of your computer, let us tell you that there is definitely more to it! We also have a mobile casino of our own. You can now carry our Live Blackjack game to any part of the world and wherever you want to. No questions asked. From amazing game graphics to mobile-optimized design to make your move, we have everything covered. Open your mobile browser, go to our mobile casino site and the game is all yours to be explored!

Show your Blackjack skills at Scores

Yes, you heard it right. Scores Casino is one of the top NJ online casinos that feature best-in-class casino games with attractive bonuses. Not just the bonuses and promotions, we also conduct occasional Blackjack tournaments for our beloved players. So if you think that a normal Live Blackjack game is super-boring, you can enter the premises of a tournament with a click of a button. You are guaranteed with extreme thrills in real-time with prizes worth fighting for. So, watch out, guys!