Important Casino Definitions

Basic Strategy – A strategy to play online blackjack that is mathematically determined as giving the dealer the lowest edge (or advantage) possible. Using this strategy, you can determine the best action to take depending on your cards, and the dealer’s up card(s).

Bet – Any form of wager.

Bet Limits – Amounts which serve as the minimum and maximum wagers that a player can make at any one time.

Bet Max – In Slots, this is the maximum number of credits that a player can bet per spin.

Players can select this button (where available) to bet the maximum number of credits.

Bust – When the total value of a blackjack hand is 22 or over, the hand “busts” and the player automatically loses their wager.

Billboard for Bet – Displays statistics of roulette tables for hot numbers, cold numbers, odd,zero, even, red, green, and black numbers.

Billboard for Number stack – Displays the history of the previous 20 winning numbers from your roulette table. The red colored numbers belong to the red number set, the white colored numbers belong to the black number set, and green colored numbers is the 0.

Casino Chips -are used to play qualifying casino games and can be purchased in the ‘cashier’ application.

Chips – virtual chips used to denote values in place of real or play money, giving a visualrepresentation of a wager.

Cold number – In roulette, a number with the worst or zero amount of the all spins from current player’s game session

Corner – Bets on four numbers in a square layout in roulette

Collect – In Slots, the collect button allows players to convert their credits into cash.

Credits – In Slots, credits are units that players wager.

Croupier – The French word for dealer, used in games such as roulette.

Deal – When the dealer distributes cards to players in a card game such as blackjack.

Dealer – The person who represents a casino, deals the cards.

Deposit – A cash payment, usually made online, to credit a gaming account with funds to play.

Deuce – Another name for a two. Discard Tray – A tray to the right of the dealer in which used cards are placed by the dealer in games such as blackjack. At Scores casino you’ll see a visual representation of this on our blackjack tables with bard back color change option.

Digital Dolly – A digital marker used by the house to denote the winning number in roulette.

The term “dolly” comes from its shape, which is thought to resemble a doll. It informs players which number has won that particular game.

Doubling Down – An option in blackjack that gives a player the opportunity to double their initial wager, depending on certain rules. After the first two cards are dealt, a player can add an additional wager to their starting bet and receive exactly one extra card with which to improve their hand. Depending on which variant of blackjack is being played, this can be done either with any two first cards or on certain starting totals.

Edge – The advantage a player has over an opponent.

Encryption – A security measure used by online casinos to ensure online transactions using their software are protected.

Even Money Bet – If the visible card of the dealer is an Ace and the player has Blackjack, the player is offered even money and wins 1 times his bet. Such odds are also known as “evens”.

Expanding symbol – In Slots, a symbol that expands to fill the reel.

Face Card – Cards that feature a ‘face’, such as jacks, queens and kings.

Feature round – In Slots, this is a special round that may include free spins, interactive games and/or the opportunity to win additional prizes.

First Base – The round tables term in blackjack for the seat to the far left of the dealer. It is the first position to receive cards.

Flat Betting – When a player wagers the same amount for each bet it is known as “flat betting”.

This is opposed to a player who varies the size of their bets.

Free spin – In Slots, these are usually offered as a bonus or feature round and allow players to spin the reels without using any credits.

Hand – The cards dealt to a player in a card game such as blackjack, in between the dealer shuffling.

Hard Hand – A blackjack hand that does not contain an ace.

High Roller – A player known to make big bets.

Hit – The process of taking another card in blackjack.

Hole Card – The card dealt to the dealer face down in a number of blackjack variants.

Hot number – In roulette, a number that has been drawn the highest number of times during the course of a gaming session. Inside Bets – A wager made in roulette that is placed on the ‘inside section’ of the table,allowing you to wager on individual numbers or groups of up to six numbers in close proximity to each other.

Insurance – A side bet made in blackjack that is available to a player when the dealer is showing an ace. If the dealer has a Blackjack, the insurance pays two-to-one Layout – The markings on a gaming table, such as those for roulette, which show where bets may be placed.

Lobby – The first place you arrive at when you log in at Scores casino. The page where you choose the games

Log In – The process of signing in to your Scores casino account with a Player ID and password.

Maximum Bet – The largest wager you are permitted to make in a casino game such as roulette or blackjack.

Multi Player – The option at Scores casino that allows you to play in real time with other players seated at the same table.

Multiplier – In Slots, this refers to a feature where payouts can be multiplied up to a certain amount of times.

Natural – A two-card hand that equals 21 without taking a hit

Outside Bets – A wager made in roulette that is placed on the ‘outside section’ of the table,allowing you to make matching pairs of bets for high or low, odd or even and red or black (18 numbers each). A player can also make six different 12-number bets (three each that are called’Column’ and ‘Dozen’ bets).

Payline – In Slots, the line on which winning symbols must land in order to win.

Payout – The money a player receives for a winning bet.

Paytable – In Slots, the guide to the possible combinations of winning symbols on paylines.

Progressive Slots – These games are linked and pool a jackpot prize.

Progressive Jackpot – A fixed amount from each wager will go towards the progressive jackpot. This will continue to build until it is won.

Push – A hand that is tied between the dealer and the player in which the player’s original wager is returned.

Random Number Generator (RNG) – Used in online gaming to ensure all numbers created and used in online casino games are generated by a computer in a random fashion. Scores casino did not develop or does not control any of the Random Number Generators (RNGs) used in its games. Reel – In Slots, a reel refers to one of the columns on which players try to hit certain symbols or prizes.

Scatter – In Slots, machines with a scatter feature have specific symbols that pay out no matter what other symbols are hit.

Session – A period of time spent at a table playing a particular game.

Shoe – A box for a collection of multiple card decks utilized in games such as Blackjack.

Side bet – A wager made independent to your main bet, often on random outcomes unrelated to the win or loss of a particular hand.

Soft Hand – A blackjack hand that contains an ace that is valued at eleven (for example, a handmade up of a six and an ace valued at eleven is worth 17, and is also known as a ‘soft 17’).

Spin – In Slots, a spin refers to a wager on the game in which players spin the reels.

Split – Bets on two adjoining numbers either horizontal or vertical in roulette.

Split – Split of two cards of the same value in Blackjack

Standing Hand – A blackjack hand totaling 17 or more, which is likely to bust if another card is drawn. A player would instead be expected to stand.

Six line – Bets on two adjoining streets in roulette.

Straight-Up – A bet on one selection, such as a single number in roulette. It is also known as a single bet.

Suit – A deck of cards features four suits – clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts.

Surrender – The act of forfeiting the original two cards that were dealt in return for a 50%refund of the original wager. Depending on the variant being played there are usually restrictions, such as whether or not the dealer has an ace or a ten-value card.

Symbol – In Slots, a symbol refers to an icon or value on the reel Three line- Bets on a row of three numbers (a street) on a single horizontal line.

Third Base – The colloquial term in blackjack for the seat nearest to the dealer’s right hand -the last position to receive cards prior to the dealer.

Up Card – The card dealt face up to the dealer in blackjack. This card is instrumental in determining basic strategy.

Wager – Another word for a bet.

Wild – In Slots, wild symbols are symbols that will substitute for winning symbols in the event that they land on a payline.

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